TOF 2013 Cio d'Or "Distanz" ©Klang21/W. Lienbacher
TOF 2013 Cio d'Or "Distanz" ©Klang21/W. Lienbacher

5th Pocket Opera Festival Salzburg 2013, 20.09 – 10.10.2013

An image rather than text is  the point of departure for five new music theatre pieces at the tenth anniversary of the 2013 Pocket Operas. The stories for these had to be invented through texts, language, song, film, imagery, and other multimedia.

The starting point for “Finally Victim” is a photo that first appeared in an Italian newspaper in the summer of 2008 and caused outrage. Two young lifeless bodies lay in the sand, covered over the head and up to the ankles by beach towels; just visible in the background were a couple sunbathing. The photo caused a stir in the media for a few days until the world lost interest and event was superseded by new occurrences.

The topic: the visibly unheard-of. Every day we are confronted with images of reality, expertly selected and prepared for use as news by mass media. Do we still want to hear the stories behind the images? How much reality does contemporary music theatre need or even tolerate? And how do composers and directors deal with notions of reality?

Perhaps the artistic teams have researched or analysed media portrayals; but presumably they have chosen associations that relate to their specific sensation of the world as the starting point for their music theatre pieces?

Klang21 invited young composers with different backgrounds to respond to this photo: Cio D’Or, Natalia Gaviola, Brigitta Muntendorf, Hüseyin Evirgen und Filippo Perocco, together with the directors Thierry Bruehl, Hans-Peter Jahn and Jürgen Palmer, who have each reacted through a visual impulse.

Musical direction Juan García Rodríguez

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