TOF 2009 Interludium "Mahlzeit"
TOF 2009 Interludium "Mahlzeit" ©Klang21/E.Griese

Third Pocket Opera Festival Salzburg, 09.10 – 22.10.2009

How much reality does contemporary music theatre need and tolerate?

One libretto, five premieres. In his dramatic text for the 2009 Pocket Opera Festival, the author Hans-Peter Jahn takes episodes from the Decamerone and Ovid’s Metamorphoses as a starting point to negogiate contemporary issues and describing reality with mythological precision.

The narrative perspective on the events changes with each of the five music theatre miniatures, as does the form of the musical dramatisation, each of which was created in close collaboration between composer and director.

Michael Beil, Periklis Douvitsas, Fausto Tuscano und Hüseyin Evirgen have, together with the directors Thierry Bruehl, Hans-Peter Jahn and Reinhold Lay, transformed the five perspectives and colourings of “Mahlzeit” into musical dramatisations in the author’s spirit. Scene 4 is a joint work by Evirgen & Douvitsas.
Musikalische Leitung Juan Garcia Rodriguez.

Uraufführung am 9. Oktober 2009 in der ARGEkultur

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