TOF 17 Stephan Winkler "Schweres tragend" ©Klang21/Th.Radlwimmer
© Thomas Radlwimmer

7th Pocket Opera Festival Salzburg, 23.09. – 28.09.2017

“What is the value of the body when it grows old?  Is it subject to fantasies of optimisation? How is it sold, used, shrouded in secrets or even used as a field of experimentation?” Asks the  2017 Pocket Opera Festival.

The seventh Pocket Opera Festival in Salzburg adopts the both provocative and ambiguously fragile theme “Show me your flesh!”. This demands a compelling dramatic composition and commitment from all five music theatre pieces lasting approximately 20 minutes.

For the first time, Thierry Bruehl will take over the overall direction of all the first-performed Pocket Operas, thus shaping the body of work – which despite differing greatly in terms of composition and scenic content – into a self-contained evening of theatre with music.

Bruehl’s aim remains to inseparably link performance and music. Five works of music and theatre by Birke Bertelsmeier, Wen Liu, Gerhard E. Winkler and Stephan Winkler, based on texts by Max Goldt, Bernard-Marie Koltès, Luigi Pirandello and others will be premiered at the festival.

The value of the body, set in sound and scene by composers Wen Liu & Birke J. Bertelsmeier and composers Gerhard E. Winkler & Stephan Winkler. Enriched by Helmut Lachenmann’s solo piece for violoncello “Pression” and “Infinity” by Aphrodite’s Child.
Musical direction Juan García Rodríguez
Direction Thierry Bruehl.

Premiere at the SZENE Salzburg 23.09.2017

Gallery 2017 Pocket Opera Festival