TOF 2007 Hüseyin Evirgen "Ligeia" ©Klang21
TOF 2007 Hüseyin Evirgen "Ligeia" ©Klang21

2nd Pocket Opera Festival Salzburg, 01. 08 – 11.08.2007

What do children do when they get lost in the forest? They … sing! At what point does speech become a song?


Fear was the motif of the 2007 Pocket Operas, and all four premieres were to feature a moment or episode from the work of Edgar Allan Poe, the old master of suspense… An emotional state of emergency at the interfaces between music, language and song.

In the joint development of the libretti, the composers Fausto Tuscano, Reinhard Febel, Hüseyin Evirgen, Juan García Rodríguez and the authors Norbert Niemann and Francesca Tuscano referred to Edgar Allan Poe, the literary master of fear.

Artistic direction Thierry Bruehl, Reinhold Lay & Fausto Tuscano.
Musical direction Juan García Rodríguez.