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8th Pocket Opera Festival Salzburg, 24.09. bis 29.09.2021

They curse, murder and lie. When Shakespeare sends his protagonists into the drama, emotional abysses break open. Explosive scenes from his plays are the “material” for five new Shakespeare operas of the 2019 Pocket Opera Festival Salzburg.

The commissioned works are all based on William Shakespeare. The eighth edition of the festival is entitled “Salzburg lies by the sea”.  Five music theatre premieres, for the first time under the musical direction of Peter Rundel, combine in Thierry Bruehl’s production to form a self-contained evening: music theatre in a concentrated dose.

The common source of content for the commissioned works is William Shakespeare. Scenes, fragments or interpersonal fundamental conflict from Twelfth Night, Richard III, Midsummer Night’s Dream and Othello serve as the framework for the compositions: For Shakespeare, the master constructor of emotional states that can become fragile and tip over into the opposite within a few verses, leaves space between the lines. Space and time that can be filled and retold by music and song.

In the words of Wittgenstein, “What you can’t talk about, you have to sing about”.

And: For the first time, a Conductors’ Academy with Peter Rundel will take place as part of the Salzburg Pocket Opera Festival. Selected international young conductors will be introduced to new music and new music theatre and actively involved in the entire creation and production process of the five scenic premieres.

Shakespeare-operas by Sara Glojnaric, Sarah Nemtsov, Gordon Kampe, Gerald Resch and Stephan Winkler.

Musical direction Peter Rundel, Regie Thierry Bruehl.
Premiere in the SZENE Salzburg 24.09.2019

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